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Nomination "State, law, government body and self-government":

The winner: The Department of Federal Public Employment Service of the Primorye Territory

Nomination "Thematic site":

Category: "Culture, cinema, theatre, art"
The winner: Artist Mechkovsky

Nomination "Corporate site":

Category: "Travelling and tourism":

Venice Hotel

"PetrovichGroup" design- studio offers you
the following service:

WEB - development

  • Web-design;
  • Designing and creation of sites including in the Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, German languages
  • Support of sites (updating of the information, redesign)

Promotion of sites.

  • The description of services and examples of our work on promotion of a direction of business: (development, design, creation and promotion of sites)
  • Example of promotion of our direction 1C accounts department
  • Work under the application of the customer to promotion on different keywords (delivery, transportation, sending) in several regions.
  • Promoution other customer is: on the big number of keywords across the Russian Federation.
  • Work with the complex order in the market of spare parts across the Russian Federation.
  • Promotion of specialized section on a site of our constant partner on a segment of the market in the Russian Federation.
  • Promotion of a site of hotel across Moscow and the Moscow area.

Our Index of citing in Yandex яндекс цитировани€


  • Accommodation of sites on our server with a name of a kind :
    Company_name.Far-East.Ru or
    Company_name.Primorye.Su or
    www.Company_name.Ru , And also: domain names  in zones: ru, su, com, net, info, biz, org, asia, cc, in, me, mobi, name, tel, tv, tw, ws.
  • For official structures we offer a free-of-charge hosting onFar-East.Ru
  • Registration and support of domain names. We are the official partner national service of domain names(RU-CENTER)On registration of domains (granting of service, delegation of the domain, testing of DNS-servers).

Complex projects

System  engineering:

  • Electronic commerce
  • Electronic shops
  • Managements of a content, administrations (CMS)
  • Processings and managements of databases
  • Computer telephony
  • Synthesis and processing of speech
  • Processings of a photo ( ) and the graphic information

Working with professionals guarantees that you achieve expected positive results in a brief space of time.

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