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Price-list of works of building of Internet- site.
Monthly cost for hosting is indicated in square brackets.

1. Small Site (business card)
(up to 10 pages, 30 pictures, without tables ) from $300.
Contains name of the company, simbolics, contact information, general information about the company and its activities. Sometimes some personalias can be there. Perhaps it is more a web page than a site, even if it has the domain name. Main function of this site is to give an opportunity to the potential client to get some information of the company's services , as from the business guide or advertisement.

2. Small site (web business card)
(up to 3 pages, 10 pictures ) from $10.

Web business card is based on standard HTML template with the information about company and its activities (i. e. the same as Business card site ) at the portal FAR-EAST.RU

   3. Medium site (or Web booklet), CMS
from $1 000

Web-booklet consists of several pages with information about the company, its activities, partners, map of the way to. Main function of such site is to give an opportunity to the potential client to get the information about the company's services as from business-guide or advertisement. Destination of such site is an informational suport of advertasing campaigns of individual projects of the company. Purposes are to give more detaileds information about the company and the most interesting offers, and also to answer questions of the clients and unload traditional communication lines. Web-site of "BeeLine" company (http://www.beplus.ru/) can be a good example. (But it is more expensive!)

4. Medium-sized site. CMS
> $1 200

Besides the information presented on the "web business cards" or "booklets" this site contains detailed catalogues of products/services and price-lists. Sometimes some additional information about the producers, wholesome advices, etc. can be presented here. Such site can increase the number and volume of orders from present clients because of the access to more detailed (in comparance with the other sourses) information about products and services they are interested in. Site of Advertising agensy "SlavPrint" can serve a good example. This agency specializes in selling of advertising equipment, work with souvenirs and printing trades. There is site address on the business cards of workers of the company, price-lists and souvenir products of the company itself. any time both permanent and new clients can get the necessary informationm such as: technical characteristics and looks of equipment, prices of services. E-form of order and application forms, full price-list, etc.

5. Web office or Catalog Site, CMS
price > $1 600

Additional feature of such site is integrated cataloge. Information appears automatically in the site after your manager put it into computer in your office in convenient for common user form.

6. Large site. Corporate Web site.
(up to 25 pages, 10 pictures, 10 tables)

price > $2 500

Corporate Web site
Page with information of the company, project, products and services, offers for cooperation, news, FAQ, guest book, map of the way to, e-form of order and application blank, integrated database, detailed price-list.
- providing potential clients and partners with corporate information
- attracting of new clients and partners
- mutual connection with site viewers
- imaging of the company
- providing the clients with the information about products and services

- continuous up and running of your web site
- access from all over the world (where Internet is)
- reduction costs for information supply of the clients, partners, branches, providers
- opportunity of making portraits of your web site visitors

7. Internet Shop, ( store ).
price > $1 800



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